What our pupils say about us
Tina Sadeghi
Every Saturday, I attend an Iranian school which not only teachers me how to read and write in Farsi, but also about Persian history, culture and tradition. I have been attending this school for nearly 5 years and although it is a lot of hard work, I thoroughly enjoy it.
I have been involved in various events held by my Iranian school; including a performance along side of the BBC Symphony Orchestra-which was a very good experience.
On the weekend of the 19th and 20th April, I took part in an event in the British Museum called “Magic of Persia”.
It was a beautiful event which included workshops, activities and performance. My Iranian school chosen to present performance which aimed to help children to understand Persian traditions and culture in an enjoyable manner. I was chosen to perform in this event, dancing in front of a very large and encouraging audience from all over the world, in full traditional costume, to traditional Persian music. It was the experience of a life time!
There was a series of other performances which were absolutely breathtaking, including a “Ballet Afsaneh” group, who had travelled all the way from San Francisco to perform in the British Museum. Their dancing demonstrated classic Persian culture and the colours of their costumes were absolutely amazing. Also performing were profession musicians which played Persian instruments in such an inspiring manner.
I really enjoyed the event and I was thoroughly privileged to be performing alongside professionals. It was an honour to have presented my own culture and tradition in such an enjoyable way.
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