About / آشنایی با رستم

Rustam Iranian School was founded in 1981. We operate on Saturdays from 1:00 – 5:00 pm. Rustam School is a registered examination centre for the external OCR (Oxford Cambridge and RSA Examination Board) for Persian GCSE and ‘A’ Level exams.

Around 300 pupils regularly study at the school. They enjoy other facilities which we offer like two gymnasiums, a library, an IT suite, a parent room, a drama hall and large open spaces. In addition to our teaching and learning our extra curricular activities in which our pupils can be involved include football, music, drama, table tennis and dance. Outings are regularly arranged to museums, galleries, London Zoo, parks and Persian restaurants. Guest speakers visit the School regularly

How we work

45-50 experienced staff are involved in the day to day running of the school including the management team, teaching staff, volunteers, members of the parent teacher association and administrative staff. Our teachers are trained with teaching qualification from Iran and Britain. Many of them are teaching in mainstream schools.

We strengthen our pupils’ sense of self-respect and try to develop a sense of identity and self-esteem in our young people.

In our work we are aware of bilingualism and highly value our pupils’ bilingual or multilingual skills. We make every effort to offer a contemporary and relevant curriculum that relates to our Iranian heritage as well as the curriculum and culture of our host country.

In the limited time that we have with our pupils on Saturdays, we teach the skills of reading, writing and oral interaction in Farsi. Included in our programme are many aspects of Persian literature and poetry with related grammar points. All our teaching is age- related and leads to A-level in Persian.

Our pupils are encouraged to use Farsi as much as possible, both in and out of school.

Family support is crucial in this matter.


1- School hours

1:00 to 5:00 pm on Saturdays

2- Courses available:

– Pre School

– Primary

– Secondary

– G.C.S.E.


– Private Tuition

– Extra curricular activities

3- Saeed Goodarznia School Library

گمان ما بر این اساس است که دانش آموزان مدرسه رستم در محیط خارج از مدرسه، به ویژه در خانه، با زبان فارسی روبه رو هستند و تا حد امکان از آن استفاده روزانه می برند، لذا فلسفه ی آموزشی و شیوه ی آموختن زبان فارسی به آنان را با توجه به این اصل برگزیده ایم و به کار می بندیم. بنابراین، همکاری و همیاری اولیاء و سرپرستان دانش آموزان در پیشبرد کار آموزش فرزندانمان، بسیار موثر و ضروری است.

اطلاعات کلی درباره‌ی مدرسه

۱- ساعات درس مدرسه:

روزهای شنبه از۱ تا ۵ بعدازظهر است.

۲- خدمات مدرسه شامل دوره های کامل زیراست:

– آمادگی و پیش دبستانی

– دبستان

– راهنمایی



– کلاس های درس خصوصی در همه رده ها

– فعالیت های فوق برنامه و فرهنگی دانش آموزان

۳- کتابخانه سعید گودرزنیا برای دانش آموزان