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Open Horizons 2016 – together with our partners BIMA, Iranian Women’s Association and SOAS we delivered a successful event for Young British Iranians attending Farsi schools in the UK. Talks, breakout groups and workshops from a large variety of professions. Inspiring as well as directional. 12507283_1130410466969849_1487131774638324138_n

Thank you everyone for a wonderful celebration at our Cyrus International Day

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These are two recent reports on the work of supplementary schools. These reports are quite rare and highly valuable.

Saturdays for success How supplementary education can support pupils from all backgrounds to flourish. “Mainstream schools can benefit in a number of ways from the work of the UK’s many community-led educational programmes. This report makes recommendations for how more pupils, schools and communities can gain from the rich, extracurricular learning environments that these ‘supplementary schools’ offer. Read the full report here or download it Saturday for Success 2015″ Beyond the school gates – developing the roles and connections of supplementary schools “As part of the RSA-Investigate-Ed series, we explore the developing roles and connections of supplementary schools, in light of the changing needs of black and minority ethnic (BME) pupils and the longstanding barriers they face.” Read the full report here or download it Supplementary Schools report Sept 2015


2016 جشن چهارشنبه سوری رستم

13 bedar final with farsi

Bazar Norouzi final english -page-001

4shanbe soori final with farsi

2016 افق باز روز حرفه و فن12507283_1130410466969849_1487131774638324138_n

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