کلاس های رستم از

راه دور شنبه ها

یک تا پنج بعدازظهر

Rustam is not closed, it is online.

Like many others COVID 19 took us by surprise. We are very proud of our staff for adjusting quickly, adapting to remote teaching and new technologies, even whilst worrying for families and livelihoods of their own. It has been a steep learning curve with successes and challenges. We have not missed a day if teaching. In the holidays we will be taking stock, training everybody and planning an even better remote Rustam experience. That planning began today. See you on April 18th.

همانطور که میدانید در ماه گذشته مدرسه رستم از طرف موسسه ملی آموزش های تکمیلی به عنوان یک نهاد آموزشی نمونه در انگلستان شناخته شد. از این رو در روز چهارشنبه ۸ اپریل از ساعت ۱۰ صبح تا ۱۲ ظهر در تارنمای این مؤسسه تقدیر و تجلیلی در شناخت و معرفی فعالیت های گسترده مدرسه ی رستم انجام می گیرد.
لطفاً برای حمایت و ارائه نظرات خود به تارنمای این مؤسسه به لینک زیر مراجعه فرمائید

With 39 years of experience teaching Persian we are not just a language school, we are a community that celebrates our students’ Anglo-Persian identities, helps them to achieve GCSE and A Level Persian qualification as well as to make friends for life.

Our expert and committed staff focus on individual learning needs with..

  • Relevant resources
  • An extensive library
  • Up to date teaching techniques
  • Enriching educational visits
  • Engaging guest speakers
  • Rustam-written textbooks that are used by Persian schools globally
  • Strong experienced leadership
  • Active ‘Friends of Rustam’ group organising many cultural festivals and events, as well as selling delicious home-made Persian food every Saturday

Everyone’s entire experience from the moment they arrive at Rustam is full opportunities to grow and shine as a member of the Persian community.

Honesty     |     Kindness    |      Courage    |     Commitment    |     Respect

At Rustam School we offer children the opportunity for success, recognition, and to be valued outside of mainstream activities. Pupils learn tolerance and respect for others, to celebrate their own diversity and contribute to society as a whole. Our values sit at the heart of all we do and form the foundation of our strong and diverse community. Pupils carry these values with them beyond the classroom and into their futures.