A2 Results 2017

Bazar w noruz

Norouz Bazaar 2017

GCSE and Alevel Exam Registration: We are now registering for the 2017 GCSE, AS and A2 examinations. WE are able to register external as well as internal candidates. Please contact office@rustamschool.co.uk for more details. The deadline is January 14th 2017.

Welcome to Rustam School

We believe that by joining our community, learning Farsi and about Persian culture you will be inspiring your present, embracing your past and enhancing your future. We will achieve this by focusing on our mission; the effective teaching and learning of the Persian Language through cultural studies and activities which contextualise Farsi as a community language. Most of all we instill pride in our community and in our children’s heritage. As our revalidation as a NRCSE school of Special Distinction shows, we never sit back. We constantly strive to further develop our teaching methods, increase teaching resources and improve the students’ classroom experiences, as well as reassessing and upgrading our safeguarding measures, extending our use of technology and improving communications with parents. We make every attempt to ensure that our pupils are developing their knowledge and understanding of the Persian Language and culture in a supportive, nurturing and happy environment. These are just some of the reasons why Rustam has succeeded over the last 34 years and will continue to nurture future generations of Anglo-Iranians. We regularly hold school assemblies whereby pupils demonstrate their understanding of Persian Language and Iranian Culture through drama, dance, presentations, poetry and music. Giving the pupils a collective experience and sense of ownership and belonging whilst building their confidence. We have written our own Text books and curriculum with content that includes aspects of Iranian literature, poetry, traditions, history and geography to provide an all- round awareness of Iranian life. The Rustam curriculum and books have been adopted by many other schools worldwide, in turn allowing access to Farsi to many more children outside of Iran. With Worldbeaters we have created an early years music programme to help our little ones to practice sounds particular to our language and develop confidence in using them. Alongside this we have create conversation classes to give extra support to children who need it. These use fun games and activities that encourage interaction and will continue this year. For the third year running we have organised an ‘Open Horizons ‘ Careers Day’ for secondary phase students in order to raise aspirations for their future with British Iranian Medical Association. Each year we have invited a wider range of professionals from our community to inspire our pupils. This year we are inviting other schools of Farsi to join us at SOAS. We hope that 2015 will be the best yet. Once again this year we offered an opportunity for all our pupils to get involved with Persian Culture by observing Iranian arts, customs and traditions through photography and participating in our Norouz photographic competition judged by the School Student Council to great success. We continue to arrange visits by a wide range of Iranian-British academics and professionals to create positive news from our community. Educational trips, from the Whitechapel Gallery to BBC Persian complement the curriculum encouraging the use of Farsi in a wider context. Each year we celebrate key Iranian festivals including Shahar Shanbe Souri, Norouz, Sizda Be Dar and Shab e Yalda with the wider community. This year we will also be celebrating Rustam’s ‘Iran Day ‘ to uphold Cyrus the Great International Day on October 17th. Watch this space! We have spent many months this year campaigning to save the Persian GCSE & A level examinations and are pleased to say that our hardwork has paid off, for now. For 2015-16 we are now also offering set GCSE Programmes for adults (Farsi and non Farsi speaking) please contact the office for more information.